Fundraising & Volunteering

We need all the help we can get to raise much needed funds for this facility! If you would like to join the crusade, we have some fundraising ideas for you below. Some very simple ideas including several that can be personal within your own life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and weddings. If you would like to take a different route, there are plenty of other options out there! Your help will enable us to continue to support people affected by MS and other neurological disorders.

Please contact the Fundraising team on +353 71 91 44748 or email us at

Thank you for your continued support. We hope your event is a happy and successful one!


Hosting a party?

Why not consider adding a fun activity like a raffle, or guess the weight of the cake to your party? If you would like something a little more formal, why not prepare a meal and ask your guests for a donation?

Donations instead of gifts

Instead of receiving presents for your special occasion why not ask your guests, family and friends to make a donation towards the Woodhaven.


If you are getting married then buying MS NW Therapy Centre pins instead of wedding favours is a great way to show your support and make a personal and valued donation to the Centre. We ask for a suggested donation of €2 per pin badge and can also provide you with a wedding favour template

Other Ideas

For all of these events, the most important thing you need to do is to get the word out and advertise all of these events in good time! There is something here for everyone and your friends and family will all have different interests and will support different events.

How to get started

Set a time, date and venue for your event and then get the word out there! Advertise your event in newsletters, local news in the newspapers, on Facebook and best of all by word of mouth – tell everyone! The more people you invite, the bigger the success your event will be and the more regular you have these events, the bigger your following will get!

Table Quiz

Get started by getting the word out there and then organise your prizes. Ask your local merchants to sponsor some prizes and if you are holding the quiz in a pub, the publican will normally give you some spot prizes. If you have a good collection of spot prizes, don’t be afraid to have a raffle, which is always a good money spinner! All you need to do then is to organise the quizmaster and audio and your venue host should be able to help you with this. You can get questions and answers from the internet and through the press!

Fashion Show

Again, get started by getting the word out there! This is an occasion where you really need to call on those friends that you know will do anything for you, even a bit of modelling! It is never easy to get up on the catwalk, but it is a great experience all the same! Contact your local fashion shops and ask them if they are interested in getting involved in the fashion show. You will need 3-5 shops to get involved. You should contact some suppliers who may be interested in having stalls at the show and they may give you a small percentage of their takings on the night. All of your takings on the door will go straight to your fund and this is also an ideal event to hold a raffle.

Charity Cycle/Run/Walk

Get the word out as soon as you have dates etc. and start on the organisation side of things. You will need to give plenty of notice if you intend to organise a long cycle/run/walk in order for people to get their training plan in place and raise the funds if required. You will need to contact your local suppliers for sponsorship of water and refreshments, inform the Gardaí of your plans especially if there are going to be any traffic implications with which they may be able to help. This is an ideal opportunity for participants to get sponsorship for their cycle/run/walk and an ideal bucket collection opportunity (you should ensure that you have the correct permits are in place for your event).

Motorcycle Run

Back again to getting your date and route out there early and get everyone interested. If you are involved with a motorcycle club or just have an interest in motorcycles, gather a group of your biker friends and set a run for a particular day. Get as many people signed up as is possible and charge a small fee for participation. You will need to contact the Gardaí and inform them of your plans especially if there are going to be any traffic implications, with which they may be able to assist. This is another ideal opportunity for participants to get sponsorship for their motorcycle run and an ideal bucket collection opportunity (you should ensure that you have the correct permits in place for your event).

Music Night

Another great social event at which you can raise some funds! Again the priority is to get the date and venue out into the public domain as soon as possible! Organise a band and/or DJ to play in a local venue, ask the band/DJ to do the gig at a reduced rate and ask the host to help towards the costs. Charge a fee for entrance to the gig and ask all your family and friends to come and support. Try to collect some spot prizes as this is another excellent opportunity to hold a raffle.  The type of music you book for the night is totally up to you!!!

Smarties Tubes

A very simple idea which involves family and friends and word of mouth! The best time to do the “Smarties Tube” collection is around Lent. Just purchase some Smarties (in tubes) and give them to your friends before Lent. They have a pre-Lent treat and then just ask them to fill them with coins over the Lenten period and bring them back filled with coins! A great one to get children involved with!

Bag Packing

Contact your local supermarket and ask their permission to do a bag packing day on their premises. Gather some friends to help you out, just pack the bags for the customers and leave a bucket for donations.

Car Boot Sale

Ask your friends and family to keep all unwanted items for you, pick a day and head to a Car Boot Sale. You will be surprised at the unwanted items that someone else will find invaluable. The saying “one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold!” was never more appropriate!


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Please help us raise much needed funds for this MS holiday facility